2016 National Sumatra Meet Champs

2016 National Champion Sumatra Bantam by Ron & Katrina Kuivinen 2016 National Champion Sumatras.  Champion Bantam (top) and Champion Large Fowl (bottom) by Ron & Katrina Kuivinen, Graham, Washington.  Both birds are black hens.  The National Sumatra Meet was held at the Pacific Poultry Breeders Association show in Modesto, California on January 29th & 30th, 2016.

Also, there will be another National Sumatra Meet on Memorial Weekend, 2016 at the Southern Ohio Poultry Show, in Lucasville, OH.  This is actually the 2015 National Meet which had to be postponed to May, 2016, due to avian influenza in 2015.


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